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The Flame of the Armour Burns Forever
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Welcome to the Unofficial Website of the South African Armour Community

This is the Cyber home of the South African Armour Veterans and the History of the South African Armour Corps

The Purpose of this website is to preserve the heritage and history and to provide an information service about the South African Armour Corps.

The information on this website is brief and concise and further information can be sourced from the Official Museum of the South African Armour Corps through the research library or even visiting the museum itself.

As the website is new and information is scarce much of the information that is displayed is what we have been able to source from all means available.

We trust that you will enjoy browsing through this site and also help to further develop the site so that we will have the correct information for generations to come.

The Flame of the Armour will always Burn Brightly in our hearts.
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